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The following is some of the unsolicited email we have received from users of our site and learning environment:

Jan 17, 2011
Thank you, Trent! You were amazing help. I have never had such quick and efficient service from a company before. Please forward this to your immediate supervisor so that you can get kudos for your customer service. As I said, you did an incredible job and my family is ever so thankful to you.

Kristi Kettler

Feb 12, 2009
Just a short note to say thank-you to the tech support folks. They've always been a big help; this time they were super! They understood my situation and went overboard to resolve things. I can't say enough good things about them!

Jim Meady

If only you could fathom how incredible your site is. I've learned more at your site than I did all 6 years of college...I kid you not! Thanx a million times over. You guys are totally the best!


I'm actually in the middle of a lesson and just had to stop and e-mail you. I am very impressed with the way you put together this interactive learning tool. You have produced what the information super highway is supposed to be about learning made easy. I know HTML and wanted to learn javascript and later more difficult programming but when I went to look up resources on learning javascript as a beginner I was suprised at how few resources there are for true beginners like me. Thanks for giving newbies a chance to play catch up with everyone else and for making it so easy. I have you bookmarked and I'm sure I'll return for more. I've only had my computer about 3 months and before that barely knew how to turn one on and now I'm writing javascripts.

dear sir
i happened to visit your site today . it is very interesting and learning is that much more enjoyable . excellent job . i am impressed. hats off to you people.


I`d like to mention that your site is the 8`th wonder of the world. congralutations to create such terrific site.

Dear Sir/Madame
I want to compliment you on your tutorial site. I have been using it to teach myself JavaScript before I go into the classroom and teach my HTML students the subject. I have found your site very useful and informative. You do an excellent job of coming down to a beginning level without being moronic about it. Thank you.

Thanks again, Jason Nelson

Wow! Now I am really impressed!

I used your site to get a introduction to Javascript (actually created my first "rollovers") and thought it was great. But, now, man you guys have out did yourselves! This is absolutely wonderful...keep up the good work.

Thanks and keep going this is absolutely wonderful. I just love being able to apply and implement as I learn.

A real UserActive FAN,
Kevin A. Krall


I'm new to making webpages and I just want you to know that you have one of the best services I have ever seen. Uploading has been efficient and easy, which is more than I can say for other sites I have tried. Please do try to keep up the great work!


I would like to thank those responsible for starting and maintaining the useractive and userworld sites. They have helped a great deal in understanding HTML and the web in general. I am currently a full-time student (with no time for computer science courses) and this allows me to work when I have time...


To whom it may concern:

I really love your site and all the turorials in it. I am a 15 year old high school sophomore, and am SERIOUSLY considering web developing as a career. Your sites tutorials have taught me more in a week than I have learned in two years of high school-- THANK U!!!



I just wanted to say that I enjoyed following youre course on javascript. It's the best page on javascript that I found on the web. I really learned a lot. Continue with the good work (I already saw some cool applications in javascript 1.2!!).


Dear Kind Souls Who Crafted This Site,

I just got wind of your site and plan to make frequent use of it, now that I see that it's just what I'll need. I'm a teacher who's been drafted to create the school web site, and I have all the interest and none of the experience, so here we go!!!

Thanks again!

All I can say is WOW. This is the best resource I have seen yet on the web as far as a tutorial. It is easy yet really comprehensive. This site has been passed on to my friends at Netscape (who are very senior, heck, they still have their jobs!) and I hope they provide you with even more positive feedback. I have been teaching html to my friends and colleagues for a couple of years. Now I feel confidant just giving them your URL.

Again, kudos


Thank you!!!

A friend referred me to your WEB site and I have to tell you I really enjoy it. You explain HTML is a clear, consice, and fun manner. I have told others how great I think it is. And your e-mail telling me where I errorred, well that just blew me away. I can see now that I will be spending a lot of time here.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.



I'm Dr. Giorgio Zarrelli and I work for an italian magazine focusing on internet called "inter.net". I would like to mirror your site on our magazine's cover CD ROM, to give our readers a good resource for learning. Every few months we use to make a mirror of a site which offers lessons and courses about internet, html, javascript and so on, trying to give aour readers the means to deepen their knowledge of the Net and become makers of things they can put on internet.

Can we have the permission to put your site on out next cover CD ROM?

Well Done!!

I really enjoy your site! It is not only a great example, but a great tool!



You're web site is AWESOME. I had been reading books and trying to learn Javascript on my own without much success. After visiting your site (via you post to WWWDev) and spending about an hour there I feel I understand JavaScript better than ever. It is exciting!

Thank-you for doing this.


Your tutorials on HTML and JavaScript are wonderful. I hope you plan on keeping these up a while as we would love to use them as a resource this spring. Excellent job. You have a great example of true interactivity on a web page.


Your site is great! I liked it so much that I linked to it already a while back on the JavaScript Additional Resources Page at: http://developer.netscape.com/one/javascript/resources.html