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Userworld is proud to offer the following accounts and services:

$20 domain registration (covers 2 years)

Services SuperUser PowerUser TunnelUser MegaUser*
Monthly Charge $6.95/month $9.95/month $12.95/month $14.95/month**
Web Space 500 Meg 750 Meg N/A 2000 Meg
Domain Name Secondary Secondary Secondary Primary
Unix Shell (SSH)
MySQL Database
Active CGI Directory w/ SSI
POP Email (1) (1) (5)
Dynamic Server Process (PHP, ASP, etc.)   Optional   Optional
Email Forwarding
Unlimited Email Aliases
Webalizer Website Statistics
FTP and/or HTTP Upload
Run PERL, Java, C/C++ Programs
SSL (Secure Server)
Useractive Newsgroups
Free Guestbook and Counter
Online Editor and Control Panel
FrontPage Extensions
Prompt Tech Support

For more information contact us.

* No 10-day free trial with the MegaUser accounts.

** For a MegaUser account with existing domain add $30 one-time DNS setup fee.
** For a new domain add $20 for domain registration and $30 DNS setup fee for a total of $50.