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Userworld Has been in the web hosting business since 1998.

Network Connectivity: Our network is designed with 100% reliability in mind. We utilize multiple T1 lines to Sprint for our primary internet backbone. We also have wireless connectivity from our rooftop to AT&T. We utilize bgp4 for instant failover of your website's IP addresses in case of outage of our hard wired lines.

Power Systems: All our servers are plugged into APC ups systems. We have an automatic standby generator installed to provide power indefinately during a utility outage. Our core router and switches utilize redundant power supplies plugged into seprate breaker panels. We have a seperate breaker panel installed that does not utilize our transfer panel in case of an automatic transfer switch failure or main panel failure.

Server Redundancy: E-Mail, SQL, WWW, DNS and all other servers are installed in pairs and can provide automatic failover via the linux "heartbeat" package within seconds of a primary system crash. Hot standby servers are plugged into seprate switches and routers and electrical circuits from our main network to provide resiliance during failure of those components.

Tape Backups: Your data is safe at Userworld. We provide tape backup services for all our accounts. All data is backed up nightly with a full backup done each week. Nightly backups are kept for a minimum of 2 weeks. Weekly backups are taken off site where they are immediately fully restored to test the reliability of our tapes as well as offsite restore facilities. We also take monthly backups each month that are kept for at least 2 years.

Business Stablity: Userworld has been in the web hosting business since 1998. We have had the same ownership and support staff since the company began business. Userworld is a profitable company with no debt, so you can count on us to be around for a long time, unlike other fly by night hosting operations.

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